Get your pet checked

Kirsty  Scaife examines the teeth of Liberty.Kirsty Scaife (Nurse) with
Kirsty Scaife examines the teeth of Liberty.Kirsty Scaife (Nurse) with "Liberty". Picture: Jon Hewson. d441416

During the month of August, Melville Animal Hospital will run Pet Dental Month offering pet owners a free 15-minute consultation.

Dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue, it is the most common disease seen in veterinary practice for both cats and dogs.

By the time your animal is three-years-old, roughly 80 per cent of dogs and 70 per cent of cats have some form of dental disease and it is preventable.

Dental disease does not just affect the mouth, it can lead to heart, kidney, liver and even behavioural problems if left untreated.

The 15-minute free consultation will include a dental exam using a UV light, a complimentary home dental care starter kit, a free sample of Hills “tooth diet” food and a demonstration as to how it works.

Melville Animal Hospital registered veterinary nurse, Kirsty Scaife says she sees a lot of preventable illnesses in animals brought into the surgery.

�In my career as a veterinary nurse, I have had to witness pets with severe dental disease, sometimes on a daily basis,� Ms Scaife said.

�This can lead to devastating effects on their quality of life.

�Just like regular vaccinating and worming, dental health care should be part of every pet�s preventative health care.’

Bookings for a free consultation are essential on 9317 4177.