Gravestone bought

Gravestone bought

Amanda Jones, featured in the Times on March 5, said she had exhausted every avenue in her bid to raise enough money to buy a gravestone to replace the wooden cross marking her daughter’s resting place at Fremantle Cemetery.

But relief came last week with a donation from Kardinya’s Sandra Cinalli who offered to pay for the gravestone, saying Hayley deserves a special resting place.

‘I can’t imagine what the family have been through; they are living the reality of every parent’s worst fear. To bury their child must have been so hard,’ she said.

Ms Jones’ partner Peter Gallacher said the family was blown away by the public’s response. ‘Parents love their children and you want to be able to give them the best and to not have the funds available was heartbreaking,’ he said.

‘Help like this restores your faith in community spirit and it’s just unbelievable to know we can now give Hayley what she deserves.’

Ms Jones said the family had made a friend for life.

‘It’s such a relief to have this sorted because I haven’t been able to sleep; it’s all I’ve been thinking about,’ she said.

‘Sandra is just a lovely lady. We’re from two completely different backgrounds but for her to help out is absolutely amazing.’

The family said they would also like to thank Jannette Brenton from Gooseberry Hill for her $200 donation, as well as the dozens of people who called to offer financial assistance.