Harassment makes Mayor unsure whether he will enter local government elections

Katy Mair, George Gear and Russell Aubrey.
Katy Mair, George Gear and Russell Aubrey.

HARASSMENT from ratepayers over the past four years is making Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey question whether or not to renominate for a fourth term.

With just over a week until the nomination deadline for candidates, the incumbent Mayor says he has not decided whether he will run.

Mr Aubrey has cited harassment he has received in the past four years as the reason for not committing, along with wanting a “suitable” candidate to put their hand up.

It has been an intense few years in Melville with projects such as the wave park dividing opinions and causing tempers to flare.

“It’s making me hesitate, the harassment I’ve received has affected myself and my family,” he said.

“My wife thinks it’s a good idea if I don’t run.

“The abuse and threats have come from a small group of radical community members and have impacted myself, my family and staff members at the City.”

Mr Aubrey said there was a 50/50 chance of another candidate running on the same platform as him.

“The platform that I would run on would be financial management, we’ve done a lot of work to drive rates down and reduce costs,” he said.

“Roe 8 is something that I’ve campaigned on for 15 or 16 years, it’s about getting traffic off our roads.”

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey stands at the intersection of Bibra Drive and Farrington Road, which is slated to close in the latest plans for the Murdoch Drive extension.


Former Tangney MHR George Gear and current councillor and former Mayor Katy Mair have confirmed they will join the mayoral race.

Mr Gear said his platform included reforming the decision-making of the councillors and City officers.

“I want to reform the council because at the moment we have block voting where councillors are all voting the same way,” he said.

“We’ve seen with projects such as the bowls strategy report, which was initiated by the public servants.

“I want to take back control and have the councillors making the decisions.”

Katy Mair.

Cr Mair said among the items on her platform was fighting excessive bonus heights in high rise apartment blocks and pushing for either the Outer Harbour or Roe 8.

“I will push to keep the Melville Bowling Club in Alfred Cove, the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club and the Melville Glades Golf Club in Leeming in their current locations ,” she said.

“I will advocate for free street parking for cars in shopping and business centres and at our favourite riverside locations like Deep Water Point.”

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