Help needed for animals

Before making a career change into public relations, Rebecca Tapp worked as a vet nurse for 10 years and even now she likes to keep her hand in.

Next month she will take time off from her work at Fiona Stanley Hospital to travel to Cambodia to volunteer as a veterinary nurse in Siem Reap.

She is calling for donations of medication and medical equipment to help her help the animals.

Ms Tapp said she specifically needed donations of surgical instruments, suture materials, endotracheal tubes, fluids, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, oxygen masks and IV catheters (20 and 22 gauge).

�Sarcoptic mange and parasites are the most common problems so there is a huge demand for parasiticides, preferably Selamectin (Revolution), and medicated shampoos such as Malaseb,� she said.

�If anyone is able to donate an old spare woods lamp to help detect fungus, bacterial infections and parasites, that would be fantastic.

�Second-hand instruments and even recently expired medications and suture material will be gratefully accepted from doctors, vets, hospitals, chemists and universities.�

She said she also needed a donation of Vetmedin 5mg (pimobendan) for the cat belonging to Australian vet nurse in Siem Reap recently diagnosed with a heart condition.

This is Ms Tapp�s third volunteer trip.

She has previously visited Bali and the Cook Islands.

Contact if you can help.