Learn the facts about Roe 8

WHAT a pity that there is so much misinformation and selective misinterpretation by opponents of the Roe 8 and Perth Freight Link road projects, like Matthew Bruyninckx, Liberals – Listen, Melville Times, May 26.

The people of Perth are not all saying that the Perth Freight Link is not what they want – only some are, and they are making a grossly disproportionate amount of noise in their objections to the proposal.

Yes, other cities around the world may be ripping up some of their roads, or not building any more large roads, but those cities (like London) are many times larger than Perth and already have in place the type of basic infrastructure that Perth is yet to get.

Opponents also claim that there is no need to invest in the Perth Freight Link to improve the speed and efficiency of shifting freight to and from Fremantle because that port will reach capacity in 10 to 15 years time.

However, Fremantle Port is not yet at capacity and all that freight will not suddenly disappear if and when an additional port facility is built at Kwinana, so the additional road infrastructure is still required.

Furthermore, anyone who bought a property along Leach Highway between Stock Road and Stirling Highway in the last 30 years or so ought to have known about the risk of resumption for such road projects, so should not be surprised or “distraught” at that now being a definite possibility.

Stop thinking about yourselves and instead consider what is best for Perth as a whole.