Leeming: City of Melville moves along with plans to develop John Connell Reserve

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THE City of Melville has ticked off on plans to progress a Memorandum of Understanding with LandCorp to develop John Connell Reserve and Melville Glades Golf Club in Leeming.

The council voted on Tuesday to support the progress of the project by entering into the MOU, and for chief executive Marten Tieleman to provide progress reports to the council.

Details about the project are scarce as the MOU is confidential, although the City has been looking to develop some of the land into housing for some time.

John Connell Reserve had previously been used as a landfill site and the officers noted that it was contaminated and required remediation.

Councillor Matthew Woodall moved a number of amendments including that the MOU be made public, extensive public consultation needed to take place, the City led community consultation, the proposal accommodated the Bowman of Melville within the John Connell Reserve site or the golf club site, and any net profits from the project go to comprehensive remediation of the reserve or projects in the Leeming area.

All of the motions were carried apart from the amendment for the net profits to go back into Leeming projects.

Councillor Clive Robartson said the project was important and the council could work through any concerns that community members had.

The council delayed a decision in December 2018 to enable officers to finalise the MOU and discuss with LandCorp the possibility of making the document public prior to signing.