Leeming: miracle baby inspires parents to take a Walk for Prems

Leeming resident Ilze Tipton with her miracle baby Noah. Picture: Jon Hewson.
Leeming resident Ilze Tipton with her miracle baby Noah. Picture: Jon Hewson.

ILZE Tipton describes her son Noah as a miracle baby.

The Leeming resident delivered Noah after 36 weeks when she was living in Melbourne with her husband Beau in May.

“When I was 28 weeks pregnant I was told he would be a premature baby and so there were regular ultrasounds and check-ups,” she said.

“When he was born he wasn’t breathing although they didn’t tell me how life-threatening the situation was.

“I only had skin on skin contact for two seconds and they took him to the nursery, I was totally confused by the situation.

“I later found out that he came out dead and then were able to revive him, they were worried about how I was going to react so they didn’t tell me at first.”

Noah had a number of issues, including a collapsed lung and a damaged neck, although after some time in the hospital the parents were able to take him home.

Baby Noah Tipton in hospital.

“I was told that I’d never have kids because I suffer from endometriosis, so I think of him as a big miracle,” she said.

“I was so excited when I was able to bring him home.

“Long-term he will have trouble with his neck muscles but he is seeing a physio.

“He’ll always have problems with his lungs for his whole life but he is a fighter.”

The family moved back to Perth in June to be closer to their relatives.

They will take part in the Walk for Prems at Sir James Mitchell Park in South Perth on Sunday, October 28 with money going to the Life’s Little Treasure’s Foundation.

“I saw the advertisement on Facebook and I thought it was something close to my heart,” she said.

“It’s raising money for a good cause and I know the foundation helped the hospitals that I was at.”