Local pharmacist wins major Pharmaceutical Society of Australia award

Dr Carolyn Glazier. Picture: Will Russell
Dr Carolyn Glazier. Picture: Will Russell

CAROLYN Glazier believes knowledge is power and her dedication to equipping Gerard Burns Pharmacy customers with the most up to date information available has helped her scoop a major Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) award.

Dr Glazier, who holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, has initiated Australia’s first custom literature research platform through the pharmacy.

Patients or health professionals can query any topic of interest and the latest research from scientific literature is provided to them in an impartial and comprehensive manner, without manufacturer bias.

“Information plays a really important role in healthcare choices,” Dr Glazier said.

“We intend to empower patients, family members and medical professionals and assist them in making informed and considered choices with the lowest possible bias.”

The initiative has seen Dr Glazier named the PSA Western Australian Intern of the Year.

It continues a recent winning streak for Gerald Burns Pharmacy staff after Anna Nasuti won last year’s Australian Integrative Pharmacist of the Year and owner Amanda Bryce was honoured with a 2016 UWA Excellence in Teaching Award.

Dr Glazier also hailed new DNA testing technology, available at Gerald Burns Pharmacy, that helps patients determine how they will respond to close to half of the most commonly prescribed medications.

“It’s almost a miracle that anyone can access this information so easily and cheaply,” she said.

“Ten years ago this test would have been thousands of dollars, now it’s around $150.

“It can save months of pain and disturbance to patients attempting to optimise their medications, especially anti-depressants.”