Melville: Bob Gordon Reserve and Fredrick Baldwin park to come to life with Magical Parks app

Two City of Melville parks are coming to life courtesy of the Magical Parks app.
Two City of Melville parks are coming to life courtesy of the Magical Parks app.

WITH some help from technology, two City of Melville reserves have magically come to life as part of Parks Week celebrations.

Bull Creek’s Bob Gordon Reserve and Fredrick Baldwin Park in Willagee have both been selected for the Magical Parks initiative, which converts normal city parks into digital fantasy playgrounds.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey encouraged residents to download the Magical Parks app onto their smart phone or tablet and head down to one of the two reserves.

“Kids and families can come down to the two parks to explore a blended virtual world, which they can access through the app once they enter the boundaries of the magical parks,” he said.

“The City of Melville maintains 191 parks and reserves for the community to enjoy, and this is a unique and fun way for us to transform our green spaces into an exciting and engaging world that brings together technology and the great outdoors.

Melanie Langlotz, chief executive of the company responsible for creating Magical Parks, said it was an innovative new concept that combined the outdoors with mobile gaming.

“Kids get to interact and explore a fantasy world where they have to herd kittens, run away from the bad fairy or come face to face with a giant T-Rex; all in a local park using your smart phone or tablet,” she said.

Parks Week is managed by the New Zealand Recreation Association and Parks and Leisure Australia and runs from March 4 to 12.

The Magical park app is available for Apple on the App Store and for Android on Google Play, otherwise visit for more information.