Melville Bowling Club set for demolition despite Alfred Cove wave park decision

Melville Bowling Club.
Melville Bowling Club.

CITY of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey says the State Government’s bombshell decision not to allow Crown land at Alfred Cove to be used for Urbnsurf’s wave park should not save the Melville Bowling Club from demolition.

Mr Aubrey said he was shocked by the decision that effectively killed off the wave park proposal in the local area.

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“The bowling strategy still stands and the land needs to freed up,” he said.

“We’ll look at other options for that land.”

Melville Bowling Club president Tim Smith said it would be “silly” for the council not to take on board the comments made by Lands Minister Ben Wyatt that everyone should have access to the space.

“At the moment there is no plan for the site and the club does not deserve to be knocked down as we are a vibrant club,” he said.

“If the council attempts to make us move then there will be all sorts of community protests.”

Mr Smith said he was pleased with Mr Wyatt’s decision and believed it showed the government had listened to the people.

“Lisa O’Malley (Bicton MLA) supported the club and I hope now the council listens to the people,” he said.

Mr Aubrey said the City would be affected financially.

“It’s devastating; we’ve been working with the private operators for a long time. It seems as though the minority groups have won this,” he said.

Mr Smith said the council was lucky to get out of a “bad deal”.

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