Melville: petition calling for City to allow outdoor blinds at Dome Cafes ignored

Dome Cafe in Ardross.
Dome Cafe in Ardross.

A PETITION lodged last week calling for City of Melville to allow Dome Cafe outdoor blinds has failed to sway council.

The 683-signature petition was delivered to councillors with nearly 400 local signatures and the support of a further 291 people residing outside the City.

City of Melville chief executive Shayne Silcox said it would not alter the City’s position in respect to the side blinds at the cafe.

“The City had previously granted approval for the awning structure however the side blinds were not included as part of the original application, or of the approval issued,” Dr Silcox said.

“The unauthorised blinds that were installed were designed to be translucent, but in practice were an obstruction for drivers of vehicles exiting the Dome carpark.

“This meant that safety for both drivers and pedestrians was compromised.”

The City said the lead petitioner was Luxmy Kumar Vadivale, of Ardross.

Dome Cafe declined to comment.