Minister defends education cuts

The Save Our Services: Putting our Kids First campaign forum, held on May 17, saw representatives from public schools around WA discuss how they could respond to education cuts in the recent State Budget.

The Save Our Services report into public schools said schools in the Fremantle electorate would be $401 worse off per student, while the average WA school would be $505 worse off.

In the Alfred Cove electorate, schools would be $574 worse off per student and they would be $499 worse off for each student in the Bateman electorate.

However, Mr Collier said the Save Our Services 2013 data included targeted initiatives while the 2015 numbers did not and that factors like disability allocations were not included.

�Taking these points into account equates to an extra $748 per student (in WA) in 2015,� Mr Collier said.

�Furthermore, Education Department figures show by the end of this year, 2015 per-student funding is expected to be $10,676, which is far more than the $9698 claimed by the Save Our Services campaign.

�To use that wrong information to spread concern in the community is disappointing and irresponsible.�

Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk said while it was true the headline figures for schools looked a lot better under the new funding model, that was just the surface.

�What has to be remembered is that it is on the back of cuts the year before,� she said.

�The other concern is that schools have to pay for more than before, including having to pay their own water and electricity bills.�