Murdoch: City of Melville to make call on building at Bert Jeffrey Park

Bert Jeffrey Park.
Bert Jeffrey Park.

THE City of Melville will make a decision about the placement of a building at Bert Jeffrey Park in Murdoch during next Tuesday’s council meeting.

The park was thrown into controversy after the City decided to place a turf wicket in March 2017 without consulting residents, many of whom believed the facility was too small for a cricket pitch.

Two change rooms, universal access toilet, kitchenette and storage facilities are among the uses intended for the amenities building, which is being slated for the north-west portion of the park.

Community feedback to the building has appeared to be negative after the City posted 208 letters, 15 submissions were against the project and four were in favour.

Among the criticism was concern about the installation of the turf wicket, the size of the park, safety of children at the playground and increased traffic.

Despite the concern, councillors are being asked to note there is a need for the infrastructure and tick off on a location plan.

Councillors asked questions about the cost of the project, the City’s strategic plan for active reserves from 2011 and how the best location was decided on as well as other queries at the council’s briefing session on September 4.

City Health Melville manager Todd Cahoon said the project would cost somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.

Mr Cahoon stated in his report that the north-west location provided good shade areas, reduced visual impact because of a lower positioning from the road and the building would be linked to the playground.