Murdoch Uni wins tech award for radiology simulator

Students try out a radiology simulator designed at Murdoch University.
Students try out a radiology simulator designed at Murdoch University.

A RADIOLOGY simulator created by Murdoch University students was named the Best Student Project of the Year at the recent Incite Awards.

Winners of the state-wide technology awards were announced on Friday, June 24.

Project developer and communications lead Matthew Jones said the brief came from the university’s School of Health Professions which, along with Vet Sciences, is required to teach students how to use radiology equipment.

But radiology machines are expensive and bulky and a practitioner or teacher must be present to train students.

Health Professions were after a computer program that students could use to practise loading and using radiology equipment in their own time.

In 10 weeks, the team of six students created virtual lab to scale, an X-ray machine that could be moved around the virtual lab, and the ability to capture data of patients’ lower spine and hip areas.

“Jeff Cooley from the School of Health Professions wanted us to also have the option to use virtual reality,” Mr Jones said.

“Competing products on the market use a drag and drop interface which isn’t necessarily truly representative of what they have to do.”

Five Computer Science and Games Technology majors participated in the project.

A sixth student was the artist for the project and studied Computer Science and Games Software Design and Production.