Myaree salesman WA’s latest Lotto millionaire

A very happy man. Photo: iStock
A very happy man. Photo: iStock

A MYAREE salesman has been revealed as WA’s latest Lotto millionaire, stepping forward top claim the $1.35 million prize from Saturday’s draw.

The man said it took him about 10 seconds to realise he had the six winning numbers.

“I’ve been playing the same numbers for years so I recognised them straight away,” the man said.

“Before I knew it I was on my feet yelling ‘you little beauty’ at the top of my lungs.”

The man said he then rang his daughter for advice on what to do next.

“Like any Gen-Y would she told me to Google it,” the man said.

“So I typed in ‘I’ve won the Lotto – now what?’ and spent the night glued to my computer screen.”

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