Nalder signals service focus

When the State Government Budget was handed down last week, Mr Nalder said schools, hospitals, roads and public transport were important not only in the short term, but for future generations.

�I think the Budget acknowledges the challenges Western Australia is facing and provides a good platform to broaden the economy and build and modernise the State,� he said.

�In addition to the improvements at Applecross Senior High School that are already underway and the underground power project in Ardross East and Melville, the community in Alfred Cove will continue to benefit from other State Government projects.

�We have signal optimisation and a red-light filtering trial along parts of Canning Highway, we will have improved merge signals on all freeway onramps in the area and we are making big investments for the delivery of health, education and police services.�

But the Opposition has labelled it the worst Budget ever and said Premier Colin Barnett�s �descent into WA�s worst ever financial manager� was complete, with the State Budget confirming a $2.7 billion deficit in 2015-16 on the back of a $1.3 billion deficit in 2014-15.

Bateman MLA Matt Taylor said since coming into power in 2008, the Government had increased investment in education by 69 per cent, to $4.8 billion, with investment per public student at a record high of $16,786.