New city centre funding in rate rise

Annual rates are calculated as a percentage of the gross rental value (GRV) of properties, with the average residential property in the City of Melville calculated at an annual GRV of $25,319 per year, or about $487 per week.

In 2014-2015 the rates, waste and security charges on properties with that value was $1543 and in 2015-2016, the equivalent rates, waste and security charge will be $1599.

The State Government�s Emergency Services Levy will increase by between 6.25 and 9.8 per cent. Rates notices are due out from July 22.

The 2015-16 Budget provides for $27.8 million in capital expenditure, including $6.79m for general road resurfacing projects and $5.1m for works on council-owned buildings, which includes $2.5m for the design and development of a new library, cultural and civic centre, the centre of the future Melville City Centre.

There will be $861,000 for roadworks on Parry Avenue and $641,000 for roadworks on Cranford Avenue.