New officer in charge

Palmyra Police OIC Senior Sergeant Gavin Radice.
Palmyra Police OIC Senior Sergeant Gavin Radice.

With 33 years of policing behind him, Snr Sgt Radice has plenty of experience in both the country and the metropolitan area, most recently as the officer-in-charge at Cannington Police Station.

He also played an integral role in the implementation of the new Metropolitan Police Operating Model, launched last September in the South Metropolitan Police District, which gives Local Policing Teams (LPT) a few suburbs to look after, creating a better opportunity to get to know their communities and also greater ability for community members to contact their local police about general matters.

As the officer-in-charge of Palmyra, Snr Sgt Radice is responsible for what happens in the sub-district, identifying trends and planning strategies to reduce rates of offences and improve the way local police interact with the community.

A father of four, Snr Sgt Radice lives in the south metropolitan district and says he is looking forward to policing in the area.

He says the LPT models help bring some of the country policing philosophy to the city, where community members have a greater capacity to get to know their local police.

‘When we trialled the new model at Cannington Police Station in November 2013 we immediately saw a substantial decrease in reported crime and I am pleased to say the Palmyra police sub-district has also seen a significant decrease in reported crime since September last year, which has been largely due to some excellent work by police officers in the Local Policing Teams,’ he said.

Despite this, Snr Sgt Radice said theft offences were still an issue, particularly stealing from motor vehicles in local streets and car parks.

He urged people not to leave valuables inside cars, especially wallets, handbags, mobile phones and laptops.