Painting makes artist feel happy

Rachel Verheggen (Murdoch)
Rachel Verheggen (Murdoch)

The Murdoch resident will host her art exhibition titled Colour Me Happy and said her 15-20 art works on display were all created over a three-month residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre earlier this year.

‘The collection of paintings and drawings come from my time at the centre,’ she said. ‘I used my own colours and imagination to paint the scenery and break down the landscape.’

Currently studying a bachelor of Fine Arts at university, Verheggen said painting was something she had always enjoyed doing and sitting in front of a canvas made her happy.

She said her latest collection of colour fields, texture studies and quick sketches were part of her ongoing investigation into the materiality of paint as well as the tensions between representation and abstraction.

Colour Me Happy will be held at the YMCA HQ Gallery in Leederville, starting on Friday, June 28 and running until July 12.