Peak hour plan review

Last week, a spokesperson for Main Roads confirmed it was working on a report into an additional peak-hour lane along the congested highway, in an attempt to reduce traffic build-up during peak times.

Earlier this year, Alfred Cove MLA Dean Nalder invited Transport Minister Troy Buswell to Canning Highway, near Canning Bridge, to see first-hand the congestion motorists were dealing with every day.

At the time, Mr Buswell admitted something needed to be done to fix Canning Highway and said creating an additional lane by using the median strip could be the only answer.

‘Congestion along Canning Highway is a real problem, especially to the west of Canning Bridge, where there are five traffic lights in a 2km stretch to Riseley Street,’ Mr Buswell said.

He said a peak-hour lane that would be used eastbound in the morning and westbound in the afternoon peak times could be the answer.

He requested a report to look at the viability of the additional peak-hour lane.

The Main Roads spokesperson said the report was still in progress.

Meanwhile, more plans are underway for the other end of Canning Highway, with councillors last month voting to advertise its planning designs for a Stock Road and Canning Highway precinct.

The City said it was at early stages but was seeking community feedback for the area as it undergoes a comprehensive review as part of rejuvenation.

In February, a meeting was held with councillors to outline details of the project and the range of proposals. It found the current Canning Highway precinct was poorly defined.

‘There is nothing to distinguish it from other areas along Canning Highway,’ the council officer’s report said,

It found that the centre was in critical need of a sense of place and a point of difference from the rest of the highway.