Pool, spa safety review

Under State Government regulations, local governments are responsible for ensuring all private swimming pools are inspected at least once every four years to ensure they meet State safety standards.

The City of Melville has produced a checklist of rules for pools and spas, which outlines safety standards for pool barriers, fences and gates, doors and windows, above-ground pools, CPR signage, and other reference information, with specific information regarding the safety of children.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said that compliance standards for pools and spas were designed to protect the community and reduce incidents of drowning, particularly for children less than five years of age.

City pool inspectors would issue work orders for non-compliance, followed up with an infringement if the work was not completed within 21 days.

If a pool or spa was installed, constructed or approved before November 5, 2001, owners are required to upgrade the pool or spa barrier to ensure it complies with post-1992 legislation standard for pool barriers.

If a pool or spa was installed, constructed or approved after November 5, 2001, the barrier should already comply with these requirements.

Pool and spa owners can expect to receive a letter advising them of coming pool inspections, accompanied by a copy of the Rules for Pools and Spas flyer.

For more information, visit www.melvillecity.com.au or contact 1300 635 845.

More comprehensive brochures produced by the Building Commission of Western Australia can also be found at www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au/formspublications.