Right recipe for success

All Saints College principal Belinda Provis. Picture: Martin Kennealey d413750
All Saints College principal Belinda Provis. Picture: Martin Kennealey d413750

Ms Provis spent the past 10 years as principal of an independent school in Adelaide and among her various leadership positions she has also co-owned a truckport in northern New South Wales and a restaurant in Sorrento.

One of her career highlights involved working with Aboriginal women aged 17 to 72 years at Toomelah Mission in NSW.

‘From the moment I came to visit All Saints’, I was struck by the genuine friendliness and the grounded-ness of the All Saints’ students,’ she said.

‘I’ve learnt that part of that groundedness is due to the students’ awareness of just how fortunate they are to be receiving such an outstanding education ” there’s no sense of entitlement, no taking this marvellous opportunity for granted. That sealed it for me.

‘Not a selective school, by choice, the college prides itself on an inclusivity and a diversity of population ” mirroring society, in essence ” and that, I believe, helps foster an acceptance of difference, a warm and welcoming disposition among our students.

When asked about her personal view on how to maximise a student’s school experience, Ms Provis said people’s sense of self affected all their relationships and decisions.

‘The foundation stone upon which success ” however you wish to measure it ” is therefore built, in my opinion, a positive sense of self.

‘That doesn’t mean an inflated ego and a delusional self ” quite the opposite.

‘It’s more about a realistic knowledge of self, warts and all, and a commitment to reflection and personal growth and improvement.’

She said providing a safe environment where young people could take measured risks, fail and try again, was a great way to foster empowered young people who develop emotional intelligence, wise decision-making skills and who are humble and empathetic citizens.

Ms Provis said the school community was finalising a new plan to provide the best learning experiences and opportunities, both inside the classroom and even beyond Australia’s borders.