Roe risk from council reform

Cockburn and Melville councils have taken opposing stances on the extension of Roe Highway to Stock Road, but with Melville taking the suburbs North Lake, Bibra Lake and Coolbellup under the State’s plan for local government reform, there are concerns the resistance currently put up by Cockburn would be shattered.

‘The City of Melville does support Roe 8, so it would be easier for the State Government to progress forward with their Roe 8 objective (if reform went through),’ Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said.

‘The City believes more work needs to be done to justify the project on transport-related grounds and there has been no commitment to address the flow-on traffic impacts, which are clearly evident, as well as the environmental justification.’

Save Beeliar Wetlands spokeswoman Nandi Chinna said the extension would result in a replication of the very same traffic problems Melville already experienced.

‘I find it peculiar that people who complain about traffic congestion and pollution and busy roads in their suburb would want to inflict the very same upon a suburb which is very safe and liveable, and which offer residents from across the metro area a peaceful nature experience,’ she said.

Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said that while his City backed the extension, the Beeliar Wetlands would be protected.

‘Traffic experts agree that the increased pressure on our roads, particularly in regards to access to the massive hospital site at Murdoch, means it is inevitable that the Roe Highway extension to Stock Road will be built sooner or later,’ he said.

‘Melville will work with the State Government bodies and local community groups to ensure the Beeliar Wetlands receives the level of environmental protection it deserves.’