Sister act a winner

Twin sisters and now |business partners Mikala and Bianca Flatman.        d448507
Twin sisters and now |business partners Mikala and Bianca Flatman.        d448507

The 21-year-old twins became the youngest Crust Pizza franchisees in WA when they opened their Applecross eatery last September.

Despite their pint-sized appearance and relative youth, the pair are seasoned pizza producers and each boasts nearly five years experience behind both the counter and the calculator.

“We started at Crust in Year 12 and worked for two years together at the Canning Vale store before the owner Leith (Booton) decided to open a second store in Success,” Bianca said.

“I stayed at Canning Vale as the manager and Mikala moved to Success, where she was also the manager.”

After a further two years, the pair decided to go into business together, partnering with minority owner Mr Booton to open the Applecross store.

“We were looking for something to invest in and at first were thinking about property, but this opportunity came up and because we were already familiar with how everything works, we went for it,” Mikala said.

Bianca, the elder of the two by five minutes, is the consensus boss, but said all duties were shared – especially rolling the dough.

“Rolling the dough seems like it’s an easy job, but you have to clean all the trays and tiles and then cut it all to size, it’s very monotonous,” she said.

Bianca said the local community had been very supportive and welcoming.

“We are really excited about this store and we hope we can develop a good relationship with our future customers and local community.”