St John of God Murdoch create videos to guide cancer patients during treatment

Patient Graham McLure with St John of God nurse Emma Lacey.
Patient Graham McLure with St John of God nurse Emma Lacey.

RESEARCHERS at St John of God (SJOG) Murdoch Hospital are creating a series of informative videos to help guide cancer patients during and after treatment.

Professor Leanne Monterosso said the videos would be developed using feedback from interviews and study groups in which patients were asked about their experiences of having treatment and recovering from cancer.

“Our aim is to use this information to help us provide more support and information to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients,” Prof Monterosso said

“It’s very helpful to be forearmed with useful information to make the journey a little easier.”

The videos will introduce patients to SJOG’s cancer centre facilities and outline the treatment process, possible side effects and how to live healthily.

“Through extensive research studies conducted globally, we know that if you adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after your treatment and take control of these areas of your life, your recovery and outcomes are far better,” Prof Monterosso said.

To reflect patients different needs at different stages of diagnosis, patients were interviewed at four points: diagnosis, at three and six months after diagnosis and at the end of their treatment.

Patients will be able to access the videos online or watch them while they are undergoing treatment in the hospital’s cancer centre.