St John of God Murdoch trying to recoup $130,000 in staff parking fees after software error

St John of God Murdoch trying to recoup $130,000 in staff parking fees after software error

ST John of God Murdoch (SJOG) Hospital is trying to recoup more than $130,000 in parking fees from its staff following a software error that went unnoticed for two years.

About 1500 staff have been undercharged since the commencement of paid parking in August 2014.

The error is the result of a failure of the software that collects parking swipe card data, collates it and sends it to payroll for deduction from wages.

SJOG Murdoch chief executive John Fogarty said the hospital was only looking to recover lost fees for the last six months as opposed to the close to $500,000 the hospital estimates it has undercharged its staff over the full two-year period.

He also said the error was not consistent and so some staff had been charged correctly over the past 24 months while others had not.

“In order to ensure equity for those staff who were charged correctly, the hospital will not waive the fees,” he said.

“To reduce the unexpected burden, the hospital decided not to recoup the full two years, but only six months of unpaid fees

“Staff are only being charged for their actual use of the carparks and arrangements have been made to deduct the amounts owing over several pay periods.”

Mr Fogarty said staff members owed varying amounts, ranging from $3 to $200 with the majority of outstanding debts less than $100.

He apologised to staff members for the error but said that in accordance with the hospital’s core value of justice, and in fairness to those staff who have paid their fees, it was important to rectify the discrepancy.

Mr Fogarty said the hospital had only received one staff complaint to date.