Sweet treats a big hit

Laila Gampfer with her famous treats.
Laila Gampfer with her famous treats.

‘After years of suffering with symptoms and finally being diagnosed with coeliacs, I grew disappointed with the gluten free food choices available on the market, so I found myself experimenting to create gluten free sweet treats that I could enjoy,’ she said

‘I wanted to re-create conventional treats with raw ingredients.

Her family and friends soon encouraged her to start a business and take her creations to the community.

By 2011, her raw food brand Rawsome was up and running and is now taking the WA community by storm.

Her products can now be found in more than 50 cafes and retail outlets and she recently teamed up with Miss Maud’s to sell the sweet treats in the Swedish restaurant.

‘I think the community is well ready for healthy alternatives,’ she said. ‘People are certainly more aware of the high correlation of what they eat and how they feel and are now looking to their diet for ways to improve their well being.’

Working from Anna Gare’s commercial kitchen in North Fremantle, her products are made from all raw ingredients including nuts, seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, cacao and fruit.