The locals love it at Lee Palace

signs removal won’t stop fight
signs removal won’t stop fight

Seated at a table by the window, my partner and I were quickly served drinks and had our entree order taken while we deliberated over the tempting dishes.

We ordered the garlic king prawns; a scorching hot plate was placed in front of us and the waiter added the king prawns and vegetables, which immediately began to crackle in a hiss of steam.

What caught my eye about the dish was the size of the prawns. They were the biggest I had ever received with a meal at a restaurant and incredibly tasty.

The dish was also very pleasing to the eye. The snow peas and carrots were vibrant in colour and very flavoursome, having soaked up all the juices from the searing onion and garlic.

What most delighted me about Lee Palace Chinese Restaurant was the dessert ” the chef’s fried ice cream was simply delectable.

I was not a fan of fried ice cream before but I am now ” Lee Palace fried ice cream, that is.

To cope with popular demand, owner and chef Thomas Wai has recently expanded the restaurant’s services to include take-away, a range of lunch specials, home delivery and catering needs.