Time capsule provides glimpse of past

Schoolmates and still mates: Julie Gaze and Shannon Burry.
Schoolmates and still mates: Julie Gaze and Shannon Burry.

On August 11, 1989, each class of students tucked away a range of items into envelopes for internment into a time capsule that was to stay safely under the floor of the library for a quarter of a century.

On Monday, August 11 a special assembly, addressed by 1989 principal Clive Harper, was followed by a viewing of the contents of the time capsule, on display in the library.

Melville Times advertising integration manager and former student Julie Gaze, who was in Year 4 when the capsule was buried, said she had been a student at West Leeming when it first opened in 1986.

She attended the event with her best friend from Year 1, Shannon Burry (nee McNeil) and said ‘she is still one of my best friends today’.

Inside the capsule was a letter from their mother to Julie and sister Jodie, who was in Year 1 when the capsule was buried, telling them how proud she was and always would be.

‘She also stated for Jodie and me to always look after each other and always be close. My dad put a letter in telling us that he loved us so much and hoped that we have children who were as beautiful as us.

‘Jodie and I both put a letter in each; they were very funny to read . Mine started with ‘My name is Julie Gaze and I have blue eyes and I’m wearing a friendship bracelet hahahaaa’.

‘Jodie’s was hilarious as she was only Year 1. It was such a great afternoon seeing all my teachers, my classmates all grown up with their children and also their parents 25 years on.

‘The school put on a great afternoon and I am very proud to have been part of such a celebration.’

Current students and parents also joined in, enjoying activities organised by the P and C, including face painting and a bouncy castle.