Transportable is okay until October says City of Melville

The transportable building that has some residents concerned.
The transportable building that has some residents concerned.

A TRANSPORTABLE building behind Perth Custom Build on Canning Highway in Ardross has attracted the ire of some residents, who say it is an eyesore and a fire hazard.

A representative for Perth Custom Build refuted the fire hazard claim, saying the demountable was built to Australian standards.

He said the City of Melville allowed temporary storage of such structures for two weeks before temporary building approval had to be obtained.

The transportable was craned into position over the side fence in September last year and a 12-month approval was granted in October.

The City of Melville confirmed the transportable building was allowed to stay until October 2 for storage purposes.

“Unless an application is lodged to retain the structure, it will be removed from the property by October 2, 2016,” chief executive Shayne Silcox said.

Perth Custom Build uses the transportable to store small building items such as lighting and containers.

It will decide the future of the transportable closer to that deadline.

Resident Peter Dohnt was concerned the transportable was not only close to his house but was sitting on decking and was visible above a side fence that faced a series of townhouses and a vacant block.

When asked whether the transportable building was on top of decking, the Perth Custom Build spokesman said the transportable was not a heavy structure and concrete pavers were underneath it.