Vet named in Queen’s honours

Vet named in Queen’s honours

Dr Davey, who is a Murdoch University graduate and is still involved with the institution, made this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his service to veterinary science.

He continues to work closely with the university as an Adjunct Professor in Professional Practice and helps raise funds for the advancement of veterinary medicine, research and education through his role as a trustee of the Murdoch University Veterinary Trust Board.

Dr Davey said veterinarians were an undervalued resource in the community, particularly those entrusted with training the next generation of vets.

‘I have great admiration for their work, and hope that my efforts both within and external to the university help to improve the working environment for both academic, clinical and student veterinarians,’ he said.

The suicide of a young vet in 1996 prompted Dr Davey to work with a mentoring service to help graduates and colleagues manage the stresses of the demanding profession.

‘The Graduate Support Scheme and Veterinary Suicide, Health and Wellbeing Committee are filled with volunteer veterinarians who get little acknowledgement or recognition for the donation of their time,’ Dr Davey said.