Volunteers needed to help garden grow

Weeding, planting and carrying hoses have taken their toll on Mr Pound who is ‘pushing 80’ and suffers from a number of health problems.

He still spends two to three hours working in the park most days, nurturing seedlings and picking out weeds, but fears he can no longer keep on top of the winter weeds and desperately needs volunteers to shoulder some of the burden.

Mr Pound has been the informal caretaker of the bushland park, opposite Garden City Shopping Centre between Marmion Street and Colleran Way, since he offered to help out at the park when previous caretaker Mr Ingram was unwell. Mr Ingram subsequently died and Mr Pound has continued caring for the park ever since.

He has had a small number of helpers over the years, but needs more help to raise 60 newly-planted seedlings and to intervene before the winter weeds take hold.

‘Folk using the park are most encouraging with their words of appreciation,’ he said. ‘Two local people noticed the hose had become too heavy for this ageing caregiver and have taken over watering the baby plants.’

Anyone who can help should call Mr Pound on 9316 8270.