Vote on ‘risky’ groups

Not-for-profit groups ‘operating outside their charter, and are hence contrary to the city’s objectives’ were identified by the city’s officers as a potential low-level risk that should be managed.

Chief executive Shayne Silcox said no particular party had been identified as a risk, but he said the city had a duty to disclose any potential risks, including the chance a group could be politicised or a member could be injured.

‘We are not saying anything has occurred and we are not saying anything will occur, but it’s my responsibility as the CEO to identify potential risks,’ Dr Silcox said.

Not all councillors agreed, with the motion carried seven votes to three.

Cr June Barton said Friends groups, who came under the umbrella of not-for-profits, had taken the report very personally.

Cr Taylor-Rees asked why the council should be treating Friends groups as risky, when there had never been any examples of risky behaviour.

Crs Barton, Taylor-Rees and Pazolli subsequently voted against the motion.