Willagee pharmacist introduces new packaging system to prevent accidental medication misuse

Pharmacist Kim Dethlefsen and resident Robert O’Bray. Picture: Jon Hewson
Pharmacist Kim Dethlefsen and resident Robert O’Bray. Picture: Jon Hewson

WILLAGEE pharmacist Kim Dethlefsen has hailed the benefits of a new packaging system helping to prevent the accidental misuse of medication.

In an effort to improve the safety and peace of mind of patients, Mr Dethlefsen’s Amcal Chemist in Willagee has adopted the latest packettes technology.

Prepared by the pharmacist in direct consultation with the patient’s doctor, the packettes are personalised with the patient’s name, medication, quantity, strength and dosage time.

“With 30 per cent of hospital admissions for those over 75 years related to medication misuse, I saw the need to help patients better manage their health at home,” Mr Dethlefsen said.

“We currently have 80 clients using the medication management system and I expect this number will grow as families and patients recognise the benefits and see the improved quality of life.”

Mr Dethlefsen said it was especially easy for patients recovering from major surgeries to become confused about what medication they were supposed to be taking.

“All of sudden these patients find themselves at home, still not well, and taking six, eight, 12 different medications,” he said.

“There are many examples of doctors or pharmacists sitting down and going through all the medication requirements clearly but still having their patient end up back in hospital after forgetting one medication or taking too much of another.”

Mr Dethlefsen, who has owned the Willagee Amcal for 11 years, said the packettes system provided added peace of mind for pharmacists, patients and their family members.

“The medication is securely packed to the highest standards and individual sachets can be removed ensuring it can be taken anywhere with you,” he said.

“Our patients love it.”