Willagee revamp ‘top priority’

Matthew Wilks (15),Shai Bolton (14) and Antionne Forrest-Yarran (14).
Matthew Wilks (15),Shai Bolton (14) and Antionne Forrest-Yarran (14).

The council will tonight vote on whether to endorse the draft Willagee Structure Plan and release it to the public.

A need to increase the number of dwellings in the City by at least 11,000 by 2031 led the City to pinpoint Willagee as a potential development area.

An officer report to council said the City had been working closely with community groups and government departments to create the draft structure plan.

The plan details information on housing, parks, economic viability, traffic, transport, walking and cycling facilities for the suburb, as well as plans for the Carawatha site.

Earlier this year, Mayor Russell Aubrey said a structure plan was the first step to creating a long-term vision for the development of the area.

He called for the community’s input and more than 100 people attended a public workshop held in February.

A medical hub at the Carawatha site, cycle paths and better public transport were some of the suggestions made to revitalise Willagee.

Resident Brenda Pittman, who has lived in the suburb since 1954, said she supported the upgrade.

Ms Pittman said the suburb needed a medical facility, more buses, better roads and a better shopping complex.

‘Willagee is such a small area, it is a little pocket that often gets left out, so we are looking forward to being the priority,’ Ms Pittman said.

The council will vote on the item at tonight’s council meeting and if endorsed, the Draft Structure Plan will be released for public comment.