Senior’s a Hardy Bunch

A SENIOR citizen is one who was here before “the pill”; before television, frozen food, credit cards and ballpoint pens.

For us, time sharing means “togetherness” not a computer term where a “chip” is not a piece of wood.

Hardware meant hardware; software was not even a word.

Teenagers never wore slacks.

We were here before pantyhose, drip-dry clothes, dishwashers, clothes dryers and electric blankets.

We got married first, and then lived together.

Girls wore “Peter Pan” collars and thought cleavage was something butchers did.

We were here before Batman, vitamin pills and disposable nappies, QEII, Jeeps, pizzas and instant coffee.

Kentucky Fried wasn’t even thought of.

In our day, cigarettes were fashionable, “grass” was something to be mowed and “pot” was something you cooked in.

A “gay” person was the life and soul of a party and nothing else.

“Aids” meant beauty lotions or help for someone in trouble.

We are today’s senior citizens – a hardy bunch when you think of how the world has changed and all the adjustments we have had to make over that time.

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