Age of awards

We certainly live in an age of awards, prizes and certificates for sometimes normal efforts.

We have four on my office wall.

When the photo accompanying the article was taken, digging was still going on along the Murdoch campus boundary. In the background, a Ditch Witch is burying a huge, long orange plastic tube for whatever service.

The four people in the photograph stand in front of a rusty, 20-metre long contraption that is attached to a few corner amenity panels.

Nobody ever told the public what that rusty longitudinal cage means.

I am far too concentrated on the traffic lights in front of the car rather than trying to figure out the story of that brown attachment.

Maybe a few pedestrians each day stop to ponder it.

Finally, at Murdoch University’s advertising we read a slogan about training ‘sustainability professionals’. Perth has to deal with an ever-increasing amount of construction and demolition waste each year.

If there is a will, it can be recycled.

How many tonnes of clear, sifted and crashed waste has been used for road base in that intersection or for that matter down at those freeway alterations?

Let us hope the world-class intersection will deal with some 100,000 commuters around the ‘Murdoch metropolis’ (as mentioned in the Melville Times in December, 2012) in years to come.