All save water

THANKS to Jadyn Wong from Bull Creek for his interest in water supplies with his letter in the November 10 edition headlined �Water precious�.

I whole-heartedly agree with Mr Wong�s passion about the need to reduce the amount of water we each use every day.

We have planned ahead to secure water supplies in our drying climate, producing 50-year plans and a 10-year plan under the Water Forever title.

The plans complement each other and are based on a three-pronged approach, which includes working with the community to reduce water use, increasing the amount of water recycled and developing new water sources.

We need the community to join us to save water and bring water use back to where it should be at this time of year � we have saved water before, let us do it again.

To do this, I encourage readers to visit our website and use our Water Use Calculator. This will create a water-saving action plan tailored to your home � saving precious water, and money on your next water bill.

Visit our website to create your water-saving action plan.


general manager,

Water Corporation

Planning and Capability Group.