Willetton resident grateful Melville council pushed for Perth Freight Link.

IN last week’s Melville Times there was an advertisement placed by the City of Melville called “Understanding Roe 8”.

I pasted the link into my browser, and found a whole lot of very disturbing facts. Here is a sample:

“Traffic Congestion; Road network is at FAIL during AM and PM peak periods. Population is growing. 17% (2.1M). Increase in vehicle registrations 2009-2014 and predicted to rise another 50% (3.1M) by 2020.

“PFL (Perth Freight Link) will take approximately 2000 trucks off Leach Hwy and High Street every day.”

Now the City does not pluck these figures out of the air. Most people will know it is in close contact with Main Roads and it was this government body that supplied the information.

This is only one benefit of building the PFL; there are many more.

Every citizen should be grateful to the mayor and council for publicising this information and for fighting so long to get this link, including Roe 8, built before it is too late.


5 Burren Gate, Willetton.