Bike riders need rules too

If a person does not hold a vehicle licence, they must pass a theory test to ensure they know the road rules.

A bike rider who breaks the road rules incurs the same penalty as a vehicle driver: the same fine and demerit points.

A cyclist who does not wish to get a licence can ride on a bike path.

Now before someone downs me, I have owned a bike all my life. I also own a car. In latter years, I chose the bike path for my safety.

In addition, there is the question of insurance. Responsible drivers have their cars insured and the vehicle has a number plate.

I would guess most cyclist do not have insurance and no visible identification on their bike, which allows irresponsible riders to flout the law.

Yes, there are car drivers who are rude, not only to bike riders but also to other road users.

I think the whole business needs to be tidied up at as soon as possible in the interests of road safety.