Bike Licence A Solution

BIKES on our roads seem to be a continuing subject without a solution.

Bike riders on the roads should be over 17 years old and hold a current motor vehicle drivers licence.

If a person does not hold a motor licence, a theory test must be passed to ensure that the rider knows the road rules.

For the bike rider who does not wish to get a licence there are plenty of good bike paths.

A car has a licence and third party insurance; responsible drivers have their car insured.

A car has a number plate; if drivers were to receive a traffic infringement, they pay the price.

Bike riders should have some visible identification.

Yes, there are rude car drivers, not only to bike riders, but also to other road users.

In the interest of road safety, I think the whole business needs to be tidied up at as soon as possible.

FRANK GRANGER, Applecross.