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AS one of many who attended the special electors’ meeting at Melville council on August 5 regarding the development of 94 Kitchener Road, I show my support for the Striker Balance group of residents.

I am surprised that such an enormous structure could be considered for this established suburb of mostly single-storey family houses.

The application breaches both height and plot ratio R-codes; will cause loss of privacy for many homes as well as loss of amenity to the whole area.

The original development application was for a two-storey residential/commercial mix.

There were no objections to this application and to me it would offer a building that would be conducive to the area and meet the building codes supposed to rule and protect the area against developments such as the one now proposed.

I can only hope the elected council members will support the people who elected them in refusing this application and encourage the Development Assessment Panel to do the same.

Gavin Cowall, Alfred Cove