Bypass mistake

Similar thinking regarding the bypass through wetlands in Bibra Lake is another failure in backward thinking.

If anyone would like evidence of the traffic congestion of large trucks travelling through suburbs, go and have a look at the intersection of Stock Road and Leach Highway, firstly in the early mornings and then from 2pm when on a return journey.

Extending existing rail lines to a loading depot nearer to the port where trucks waiting can be loaded and travel short distances to the port removes them from continuously thundering back and forth through suburbs.

Rail carries multiple loads in one journey to what trucks carry at present, usually one, maybe two containers. Thus, truck owners will be saving on fuel and less pollution will spew out of exhausts at lights when idling.

Not too hard a solution if we can get the idea out of our heads that more roads mean less congestion. That is nonsense.

MARIO NARDI, Bibra Lake.