Change system of Local Government elections. Opinion

VOTING in local government elections in Western Australia is disappointingly low at under 30 per cent.

I have no idea why the WA State Government insists on having local government elections run differently to State and Federal elections as is done in every other state of Australia (except Tasmania).

I wonder if elections for State and Federal governments were done like WA local government elections whether politicians would be satisfied with the outcome.

What surprises me the most is that until recently, local government elections had a preferential voting system, which was rapidly changed to first past the post when politicians decided they did not want some mayors to get into office.

However, when it comes to bringing WA local government electoral system in line with the rest of Australia, it’s suddenly all too hard.

I am also tired of hearing the same old worn-out argument that our present inadequate local government electoral system is non-political.

Well that is just a load of rubbish.

Candidates are aligned to a party. The odd one is independent – but there are not too many of those.

So come on State Government – it’s time to run local government elections like State and Federal elections to get greater participation.

At least people will understand the system and appreciate local government’s important role a bit more.

KATY MAIR, Applecross.