Changes confusing

IT is annoying to get a speeding fine, especially when you watch the speed limit signs and speedo while driving.

There are not enough signs on busy arterial roads where the speed limit changes consistently.

A truck in front of your vehicle can block out a roadside speed sign and that is when the speed camera gets you.

Stock Road from Canning Highway south is one road on which you have to be careful because the speed limit changes consistently.

Suburban through roads that have a 50km/h speed limit are another trap.

One busy road that I use a lot is Preston Point Road in East Fremantle. That has a 50km/h speed limit but most drivers think it is a 60.

I know that all suburban roads are 50km/h but this is not always the case with main connecting roads. I think a better and cheaper remedy would be to paint more speed signs on the road surface i.e. 50km after roundabouts and cross roads

The motorist then would have a better chance of knowing the speed limit.

For the record, my last speeding fine was 20 years ago and that was because I was not aware that the speed limit had changed.

FRANK GRANGER, Applecross.