Community duped

I AM writing to express my absolute outrage at how the Joint Development Assessment Panel has been allowed to run roughshod over the rules that everyone else has to play by in relation to the proposed development of 94 Kitchener Road, Myaree (Striker) site.

The local community has fought honourably and by the rules only to be duped at the last by what appear to be the government panel ignoring its own Government’s rules.

How, in a right mind and playing by the rules, could the decision be made to put a three-storey block of flats in the middle of an R20 suburb?

If this high-density development can be approved in a low-density, quiet suburb, then the panel is saying the developers can build anything, anywhere.

How does that fit in with “the orderly and proper planning of land…”?

How indeed does it fit in with the rule of law?

What are our politicians doing?

Why aren’t they supporting the very people who voted them in?

Why do the protection mechanism appear to only be protecting the corporations?