Palmyra resident commends Melville Council for Leach Highway development .

I HAVE followed emotional discussions about the southern bypass with dismay.

Since the 1950s, planning has taken place to find a transport solution that effectively connects to the port.

Successive Liberal and Labor governments have promised to resolve the issue.

Finally, after half a century, we have a State Government willing and the Federal Government money allocated to fix this long-overdue transport problem.

The numbers of heavy vehicles on Leach Highway have become an ever-increasing problem.

I was intending to be a candidate in this year’s local government elections but chose to stand aside because a stronger bypass candidate had already nominated.

The Melville Mayor and the council should be commended for their courage and determination to support a plan that offers a logical solution and were distracted by a noisy minority.

One would hope that those who are elected on October 17 are equally as brave and wise so that the City of Melville remains progressive and beautiful.


83a Zenobia Street,