Daughter’s cause

I WONDER how many Melville area residents remember the mass meetings in the early 2000s that were organised by Mayor Russell Aubrey and attended by hundreds of people, including 3000 at the one in Kardinya.

These people desperately wanted Roe Highway and the Fremantle Eastern Bypass (FEB) to be built so that traffic would be diverted from Leach Highway.

The Melville Times and the Canning Times were jammed with letters for and against, and I was writing a letter almost every week to one or the other to plead for the construction to go ahead.

I made a pact with myself to support this cause in the name of common sense, as I believe most people did.

Politics did not enter into it.

Unfortunately, the land for the FEB was sold off and Roe was truncated at the Freeway because of so-called environmental concerns about the next section that was planned to pass between North and Bibra lakes.

A long delay ensued.

It is therefore vital there are no further delays.

Mayor Aubrey has proved his commitment to Roe Highway. Now his daughter Rebecca (26) is prepared to devote her time and energy to the cause by joining him on council in a quest for a commonsense solution to a grave and dangerous traffic problem and remove 75,000 vehicles a day from Leach Highway.

As a Willetton resident, I am not allowed to vote for her in the forthcoming council election but this will be remedied after the proposed amalgamation, as Willetton will then become part of Melville.

Jim Reddyhough, Willetton