Fact is Missed: Roe 8

IN his letter in last week’s edition headlined ‘Joke’ not funny, Chris Mooring uses the phrase “induced traffic” but most sources call it “induced demand”.

It is the theory that better roads lead to more use of roads. This is only a theory, but it may possibly hold true for private vehicles.

He is trying to use this as a reason not to build the PFL and Roe 8, but he is missing the fact that these are freight roads.

Don’t tell me that because these roads will be wide and long and inviting that the truckies are going to go for a Sunday drive along them just because they are there, for the pure pleasure of driving.

The whole idea, which many people seem to miss, is that these roads are meant to keep trucks off other roads.

The reason why Stock Road is so congested at times is that the trucks are coming up from the south into this road, to try to cut the corner and bypass a section of Leach Highway to get to the Port faster and easier by avoiding traffic lights.

Trucks are even going right down the freeway, and up Stirling Highway to get to the Port.

Therefore, building Roe 8 will not just benefit Leach Highway and Stock Road. Many roads, including Stirling Highway, South Street, Canning Highway and the freeway will benefit.