Grateful thanks

PARKLAND Villas Booragoon Retirement Village on Marmion Street escaped a potentially dangerous situation when fire engulfed an adjoining reserve on Monday of the long weekend.

After a branch fell on power lines, the resulting sparks ignited a small bush area alongside our boundary fence.

Prompt action by people living nearby helped to keep the fire from spreading to villas only a few metres from the fence. A dozen or so men, women and teenagers organised hoses to prevent the flames reaching the buildings and they continued to work with their hoses after the fire brigade arrived.

All residents of our village would like to thank these families for racing to the rescue and saving the day. It was great that they saw the need and were so proactive in helping to prevent a serious situation developing.

Grateful thanks to all those public-spirited locals. We salute you.

Joyce Funke, president,

Parkland Villas Booragoon

Residents’ Association Inc